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Last month, my American friend, Liza visited Kathmandu for her vacations. Now, I’m not a professional tour guide but I didn’t mind being one for the occasion.

After the tour of the city, I invited her to my home for dinner. My mom had prepared Dal Bhat (Rice and Pulse Soup), our regular. It was her first meal at my house, so I was pretty worried if she would like it. But to my great surprise, she really enjoyed it, especially Gundruk (a Nepali pickle).

She seemed to be totally into Nepali cuisine. So began my hunt for restaurants famous for Nepali cuisines for her six weeks long stay in Nepal. We decided that we would visit at least one restaurant which serves authentic Nepali food a week. And why not, I can use this opportunity to blog on these restaurants.


Location: Dwarika’s Hotel, Battisputali, Kathmandu
Phone: 4479488/ 4470770


First, I took her to my numero uno choice for Nepali food. Nothing can beat this place when it comes to cuisine with culture and tradition. She truly experienced the custom, when she was asked to take off her shoes and sit on the floor. We went for 22 course meal which were served one after another. The perfect amalgamation of customer service, exquisite architectural tradition and excellent food of Krishanarpan truly impressed us. Liza was totally blown over by personal menu with her name printed on it!!

Bhojan Griha

Location: Bhojan Griha, Dillibazar, Kathmandu
Phone: 4416423

Our next destination was another authentic combination of Nepali culture and cuisine. Built on a 150 year old building, it has created an ambiance of how upper middle class family used to live in olden days. Here again we went for fixed menu. Well, the food similar to that of Krishnarpan (but significantly less verity). We could also use chairs, tables and forks if we wanted, but Liza insisted we sit on low tables and eat as Nepalese do. The food was delicious, more to my liking than Krishnarpan. So, no regrets. Plus, the traditional performance with folk songs and dance acted as compliments for the day.



Location: Kamaladi Ganeshthan, Kathmandu
Phone: 4225172, 4228723


Our third stop? Bhanchhaghar (the Kitchen.) When there were no restaurants entirely dedicated to Nepali food, Bhanchhaghar dared to stand out as the one during the late 80s. Located in a 3 storied traditional Nepali building, successfully re-created to give an aura of an authentic local ambiance. the restaurant has it all to deliver real experience of Nepal from spicy Nepali delicacies to ethnic shows and of course a great hospitality.



Location: Babar Mahal Revisited, Kathmandu
Phone: 4267346


Want to be treated like Royals? Baithak is the right place to be. I visited this restaurant with Liza and my family for dinner and I really loved it, especially the Victorian style ambience. Along with the royal style Nepali food set and the fascinating neo classical décor. Also, the cultural program adds cherry to the icing. The K2 BAR, attached with Baithak, is a delightful terrace for a pre-dinner drink.

Well, we really had a good time together, at least in terms of dining. She plans to revisit next year. Till then, I’ll be waiting my chances.


Nepali Chulo

Location: Lazimpat , Kathmandu
Phone: 4002009


Our quest of Nepali restaurants finally ended with Nepali Chulo (traditional wood burning stove) was my other choice in the list of restaurants for Nepali food. It was established in a beautifully restored former Rana palace named Phora Durbar .It served us the finest traditional Nepali cuisine with lively Nepali cultural program.

My conclusion? While Liza might have enjoyed the treat, after 5 Nepali restaurants in 5 weeks, I had pretty much lost my appetite for Nepali food and local cultural shows. How much can one take. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen it all. There is not much to distinguish one from another except Baithak and Krishnarpan do not have cultural dance in their package. But great experience!! if you have not tried any one of the above restaurants, I strongly urge that you do…. something uniquely Nepali!!

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