Tourism in Nepal

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The mystical Himalayan kingdom of Nepal has something unique and extraordinary to offer to its visitors. Each year thousands of visitors visit Nepal where some sightseers come here to trek in the amphitheater of frozen Himalayan peaks while other adrenaline junkies come to endeavor adventure sports. In addition some tourists come here for spiritual bliss while other vacationers come to explore the minute details of Nepal’s wildlife and to transport themselves back to nature.  This traveler Disneyland offers uniquely individual experience for everyone.

Talking about the visitors and their individual nature, Ang Tshering Sherpa, the founder of Asian Trek, associates their behavior and personality with the countries they belong to.


Indian Tourists:

Most of the Indian tourists come to Nepal for pilgrimage tour, trekking, and sightseeing. They come via air, live in luxurious hotels, try their luck in the casinos and spend a lot in shopping, foods and drinks. While some other Indians prefer budget stay.

Chinese Tourists:

In general, Chinese tourists are honest, introvert and spendthrift who love to travel in groups.  Lumbini, Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan are their favorite destinations.


Most of the Americans come to Nepal for trekking and adventure expedition.  They are civilized, demand quality accommodation, love to try local food and enjoy long vacation in Nepal.


Like Americans, British tourists are civilized with the love of trekking and expedition. They do not spend as much as Americans and prefer European cuisines to local food.


Japanese tourists come for short vacation in Nepal. They buy holiday packages and do not spend much in food and shopping.


Germans are the simplest and most convenient tourists for Nepalese. They splurge a lot in almost everything; food, accommodation, shopping and trekking.


Most of the Australians visit Nepal in December and January. They live in Nepal for months and expend a lot.

North Koreans:

Korean tourists are more like Japanese who are very economic and love to come in holiday packages.


Malaysian tourists love trekking, expeditions, spicy food and drinks. They too are economic with the good skills of bargaining

Tourism in Nepal
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