Trekking Everest High passes

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So, you think trekking to the Everest Base Camp via the traditional route is too easy for you!

Let me then take you to a higher spectrum by adding three high passes, all going above 5300 m. How does that sound now?

Cho-La Pass (5380m)

Cho La Pass1

What I’m talking about is what the Lonely Planet’s “Trekking in Nepal Himalaya” describes as “An epic journey that will take you over some of the highest mountain passes in the world. It stitches together the best of the Everest Base Camp and Gokyo treks, and two of the most rewarding side treks of lower Khumbu.”

Make no mistake! The trek through this route isn’t just some random walk in the wilderness! All you faint- hearted better stay at home, because the Three Passes trek is where the big boys Roll!

Renjo La Pass (5388m)

Renjo La Pass1



Wondering why it isn’t an everyday trekkers’ trekking route? Here are some reasons!

-       Not just one but three high passes

       Kongma La (5,535 m)
       Cho La (5,380 m)
       Renjo La (5,388 m)

-       Temperature dropping down up to -30 degrees Celsius

-       Jagged, roughest trails.

-       Danger of High Altitude Sickness!

-       An average of 6- 7 hours of walking, both ascents and descents.

However, this doesn’t mean that The High Passes trek is a nightmare and should be avoided.

Kongma La (5535m)

Kongma La pass


Let’s just take it this way- it requires certain level of hard work, dedication and will- power. And after everything, you are rewarded accordingly!

So what are those rewards? Let me reveal them!

-       Ultimate circuit of adventure in the Everest Region, which includes Everest Base Camp.

-       Crossing three of Nepal’s highest trekking passes- all over 5,300m.

-       Ascending Kala Pathar and Gokyo Ri for magnificent panoramic views of some of the world’s highest (crossing 8000            m) mountains.

-       Soaking up the tranquility of Gokyo’s sacred lakes.

-       Immersing in Buddhist culture and enjoying Sherpa hospitality.

If you’ve made up your mind and decided to join this epic adventure, September to mid- November is the best time. You could also go for it, during March to mid- May.

So, what are you waiting for! Challenge the ‘Evel Knievel’ in you, show what you can do!

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Trekking Everest High passes
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