Trekking in Nepal – Top 10 essential trekking gears you should not forget

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Home to the mighty Mt. Everest and the world’s greatest mountain range, the Himalayas, Nepal, the best trekking destination in the world. It attracts trekkers, climbers and mountaineers from all around the world. Trekking in Nepal is always a great experience because of the topography, different trails, and its diverse culture. March – June and September – November are the best season for trekking in Nepal. There are certain essentials you need to carry when you are trekking in the Himalayas.

The first thing is, you need to invest in a high quality bag. Suggested size 1500-1700 cubic inches (25-28 liters). Your backpack needs to be your friend not your enemy because trekking in Nepal includes days of walking. Look for a bag with a hip belt, this will distribute the weight and relieve your back and shoulders from the strain. Don’t forget to bring a rain cover for your bag.

Let me list few basic trekking gears that you should have in your backpack.


Trekking Boots

Trekking Boots: Trekking in Nepal is not easy, expect a lot of rough, rugged and wet terrain. You need to have a pair of comfortable, waterproof and sturdy hiking shoes. These hiking boots will protect your feet against all the obstacles while walking. These shoes will help you walk comfortably for miles. It is designed for activities such as trekking, climbing, mountaineering and many more. Hiking boots are considered the most important trekking gear.



Sleeping Bags: Sleeping bags are the next important component that you should carry while trekking in Nepal. A good sleeping bag can make or break your good night’s sleep. Since trekking in the Himalayas includes days of walking, you need to get a good night’s sleep. Make sure you take a good quality, warm and comfortable sleeping bag.


warm cloth

Warm Clothes: The weather in the Himalayas is cold. Though the sun makes up during the daytime, during the night it’s usually chilly. At medium altitudes a T-shirt will do, but when you climb higher you will need warmer clothes. It is wise to be prepared for all kinds of weather.



Flash LightFlashlight: Even if you don’t plan to go out after sunset, carry a flashlight with you with an extra set of fresh batteries and spare bulbs, because things never go as you planned. You never know when you might be needing one. Your flashlight should be water resistant, with extra bulb stored inside and a rotating head or body. Nowadays you also get a trekking pole with flashlight in it.




First Aid Kit: Carry a basic first aid supplies for minor like sterilized bandages, adhesive band-aids, pain killers and your allergy medicines if you are allergic to anything.




SANITIZER Sanitizer: When trekking in Nepal, you have to stay in the wilds and remote areas in the Himalayas, so don’t always expect a hand soap or sink. Taking a hand sanitizer is always a big help.





Compass and Map: You never know when you might get lost in the harsh and cruel trails of the mountains. Carrying a compass and a map, might come handy.




insect repellentInsect Repellent: There’ll be lot of leeches in the mountains, especially during rainy seasons. Don’t forget to put an insect repellent in your backpack, if you don’t want those tiny little blood suckers (vampires) on you. I personally use Mosi-Guard,  it is very effective.




Sun Protection: The weather is usually very bright and sunny in the mountains, as altitude increases, so does the intensity of the sun. Therefore, I would suggest you to carry your sunglass and a sun block for protection against sunburn and UV rays.



Apart from the above mentioned items there are several other important things that you should carry while trekking in Nepal. You can have your own top ten list. The list differs from person to person. I’m more of a hygiene freak, so hand sanitizer, insect repellent and sun protection are very important to me. Other important things you can carry are whistle, in case you get lost, energy bars and Swiss knife. Of course, other essentials like ropes, nets, trekking poles and tents are provided by the trekking companies.


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Trekking in Nepal – Top 10 essential trekking gears you should not forget
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