Things you must keep in mind while trekking solo in Nepal

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As a travel enthusiast I love traveling alone with a map in my hand (Google maps to be exact) and an adventure right in front of me. Usually I am surrounded with lots of people and can rely on technology anytime. But trekking is a whole new area and if you are attempting a solo trekking in Nepal then hats off. Having said that I can understand your interest as people have said that Nepal has one of the best infrastructures for solo trekking.

Before I let you in on the trekking I have a bad news and a good news. Apparently The Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal are discussing to put a ban on solo trekking due to security reasons. The decision has not been made so you still can trek solo with some restrictions and special permit requirement in certain areas. However, I would only advice solo trekking in areas where tea house trekking are popular. These areas have the basic necessities maintained so you can trek solo with safety.

Best places for solo trekking

The whole of Annapurna Region, Khumbu Region (along Everest) and Langtang Region have developed infrastructure for basic requirements during your trek. Since trekking earns the bread and butter in most regions you may find new areas where the infrastructure is being built suitable for solo trekking. I would still recommend hiring at least one porter or guide during your trek.


Gearing up for the trek

Packing for any trek is same when it comes to gears and clothes. Check our previous blog for the list of things you should not forget on your trek. You can rely on the tea houses for food and shelter but it is recommended you carry some extra food mainly energy bars during your travel. With all the stuff you need to carry having a porter with you doesn’t seem like a bad idea does it?


Getting Lost

This is the most common thing that can happen when you travel solo. The remote regions now a days have cellular network but you can’t always rely on technology even in the cities. Do your research of the place and have a map with you always. Read blogs and reviews written by past trekkers and always mark your destinations on the map. And if you are as bad at getting direction as I am, I suggest you carry a compass as well.


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Things you must keep in mind while trekking solo in Nepal
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