US Eager to Support Ecotourism

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April 16, Kathmandu: Peter W Bodde, the newly appointed US Ambassador to Nepal, on inspection of  the electrical fencing installed at Gyaneswor block in Mangalpur of west Chitwan expressed  his concern over wildlife protection and their habitat.

He said, “The fencing would help in diminishing the conflict between human beings and wild animals in Chitwan. In this regards the US is ready to support Nepal in Eco- tourism development.”

The eight kilometers long fencing was installed at a cost of Rs. 758,000 with support from the USAID Hariyo Ban Programme and the National Trust for Nature Conservation.The Gyaneswor block covers the area of Setidevi, Gyaneswar and Siddhi Ganesh Community forests.

US Eager to Support Ecotourism
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