Way to Everest Base Camp Opened

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SOLUKHUMBU, May 5: A way leading to fourth base camp of Mount Everest has been made. The opening of the way to camp was delayed due to adverse weather in the past but now it has come into operation, said Dendi Sherpa, communication officer at the camp.

The fourth camp locates at the altitude of 8,000 meters.

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Likewise, the way leading to second camp was cleared by Everest Pollution Control Committee and the way up to the fourth camp was cleared by different trekking companies.

Sherpa further said that the mountaineer shall climb the Everest since May 12 to May 30 for this session.

Now, as many as 500 foreigners and 500 Nepali nationals are in the base camp for climbing the Everest in this session.

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Way to Everest Base Camp Opened
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