What to expect in Annapurna Base Camp Trekking

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Trekking has never been easy, but the experience you gain would be a memory for a lifetime. Annapurna Base Camp Trekking is one such experience which lets you explore one of the most beautiful part of the world. Trekking in Annapurna guarantees you pleasure, fun and glorious insight about the natural and cultural heritages of Nepal.


The setting of Annapurna Base Camp at 4130m or 13549ft is exclusive and  extremely amazing, placed along the huge peaks of Annapurna I(8091m/26,309ft), Annapurna South(7219m/23,684 ft), Machhapuchre(Fishtail Mountain)(6993m/22,943 ft) and Hiunchuli(6441m/21,126ft).

During your trek at Annapurna you can expect lush valleys, centuries of village life to snow topped mega mountains. You can also experience the natural flora and fauna of the Rhododendron forest and get lost in the mystical views of some of the top mountains of the world.

Annapurna Trekking, also known as Annapurna Sanctuary Trekking is one of stupendous trekking routes of the country rich in Mountains, beautiful waterfalls, villages, terraced farmlands and forests.You will also see the picturesque mountains surrounded by glaciers as you trek towards the Annapurna base camp.

Major Highlights of Annapurna trekking

  • Ancient mid-western salt-route settlement of Manang, Thorong-La pass between Nepal and Tibet
  • The combined temple of Hindus and Buddhists- Muktinath Temple
  • Deepest Gorge  of  Kali gandaki
  • Breathtaking sunrise and mountain view from Ghorepani and Poon Hill
  • Natural Hot spring at JhinuDanda


I  hope I have influenced you somewhat to get you to travel to Annapurna Base Camp. If you have then before you pack your bags, here are few things you should  carry for the trek:


  • Plenty of Water: Bring Plenty for water along with you when you go for  a trek. Even if you want carry  many bottles, make sure you carry at least 2-3 bottles of water.
  • Light Source:  Carry a torch light or any other light source with you. Even if you don’t trek at night you need to b truly prepared before you go. Since it is not sure when you might need  a light source as well.
  • First Aid Kit: When you walk you may get hurt or you be affected wth general type of flu. So we highly recommend you to take first aid kit along with you during the trek.
  • Compass, Map and a Guidebook: If you are planning to trek alone, these things are must. Even if you are travelling with a guide, it is good to have compass, map and Guidebook with you. These things help to add knowledge about the trekking routes, direction and other stuffs.
  • Stop and capture the Beauty: Don’t forget to  capture beautiful pictures of nature. Its only once you get to see these and so take  amoment and create a memory for a life tme by storing it in your cameras.
  • Food: If possible carry some light food with you.The food on the trekking route may not suit your taste and you may be hunger for long, so to be on a safer side make sure to carry some food.
  • Trekking Pole: Take a trekking pole along with you and later you will surely thank me for this idea, since it gives support to you while trekking


Hurray! Now you are all set for trekking but it is advised that you go through a travel agent for any kinds of trek unless you’ve done it before. They will have the necessary details and guides to make your trip comfortable and memorable.


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What to expect in Annapurna Base Camp Trekking
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