Ziplining Nepal

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The most thrilling ride in the longest, highest, fastest and safest zip liner allow all adventure junkies to see the marvelous legendary Himalayas from world’s ‘most extreme’ mountain zip-slide. Plunging at the speeds of over 160 Kmph, fighting with the powerful wind, and landing in the lap of nature releases all your stress and gives you an ultimate ecstasy.

Your adventure begins when you board your shuttle for the ride to the top the mountain. Your guide will narrate as you pass through the village of Sarangkot and then up the mountainside. Once on top you will take a short walk to the Butterfly Pavilion, an architectural marvel with breath-taking views of the Himalayan range. While you sip coffee and wait for your turn we assure your wait will be exciting. At 5400 feet above sea level you will sit into a special harness seat and await your launch. Two guests launch at once, and it is a race to the bottom! 5,4,3, 2, 1 and you’re off, accelerating to 100 mph as you pass above the dense forest below. If your eyes are still open you will see sweeping views of majestic Machhapuchhre, the Annapurna range and the raging Seti River. Your ride concludes with a break-activated landing on the HighGround Triangle in the village of Hyangja.




What is Zip-flyer?
Basically, zipline is a cable mechanism used for transportation across a river, gorge etc. In our context, it is a piece of recreation equipment consisting of a cable stretched between point of different elevations, a pulley, and a harness or a bar for attaching a rider, who moves by gravity. Zip-flyer Nepal also works with the same mechanism and is categorized as an adventure sports.

How long is it and what would be its max speed?
Well, its 1.8 km long and has the speed of 160kmph making it the world’s most extreme ride.

What else does the cost include?
The cost includes pick up from Lakeside to the launch site, Sarangkot and then drop back to Lakeside from the landing site, Hemja.

What are the age limitations?
The age should be 10 years and above. The children aged between 10-15 should be accompanied by their parents or guardians above 18 years of age. The weight must be between 35kgs – 125kgs. Besides, pregnant women are not allowed for the ride.

What if I decide not to do ride?
Well, sorry to say, but if you have already booked your ride and you decide not to do it, your amount is non refundable and non transferrable. But, we can arrange to change your turn after some people does it, so that you can gain some confidence by watching other people doing it. Besides, our crew member is always there to assist you if you need any help or moral support. And also, no one would want to miss such a lifetime experience.

Can two adults ride together at the same time (tandem)?
No, however two individuals can go on parallel lines racing their way down.

What happens if I forget close-toed shoes?
Close-Toed shoes are compulsory and need to be worn by every rider.

Do I have to get weighed before I get to zip?
Each passenger on the will be weighed prior to starting the ride. This is done to ensure rider and guide safety.

Is there somewhere to store my personal effects during the tour?
No, however small items like phone, purses etc can be kept at the back pocket of the harness that the rides zips down in.

Can I bring bottled water or other food and drinks with me?
Due to the nature of the Zip Line, we ask that Guests do not bring any food or bever- ages with them. There will be food and beverages on both top and the bottom site.

I need to change the time of my tour is that ok?
Zip Line Eco Tour tickets may be exchanged or cancelled up until 24 hours in advance of the Zip Line time. This can be done at any Discovery Tours ticket booth.

I have missed my tour can I go on the next one?
Once a tour start time has passed, all Zip-Flyer Nepal tour tickets become non-refundable. Guests may use their ticket to go on the next available tour in a stand-by status only.

I don’t want to Zip, but I would like to go along for the ride to the top of the hill.
Due to limited space on the vehicle we use for transportation and for safety reasons on the road and the platform, only people who are zipping will be transported to the first platform.

What if I want to cancel the ride after the booking?
Reservations may be changed up to 48hours before the ride without any additional charges but subject to availability. Changes are not permitted less than 48hours of the ride. Cancellation received 72hours before the scheduled ride are 100% refundable, less than 72hours is 50% refundable and less than 24 hours is non-refundable.

Source: High Ground Nepal

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Ziplining Nepal
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